Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Our Living Learning Communities are in full swing!

Autumn is here. Falling leaves and pumpkins, chilly temperatures which only require a light jacket, students socializing and ordering Starbucks drinks while preparing for upcoming midterm exams...which can be stressful. 

Typical items for an October at AU. 

Side note. Starbuck's Pumpkin Spice Lattes are available at the Eagles Nest. Go get one. Delicious. 

But the students in the Living Learning Communities (LLC) are really experiencing the benefits of their LLC membership as this fall semester unfolds. These freshmen students who live and learn with other like-minded students are soaring. We already know of numerous LLC students who have shared their gratitude for being part of this group with various faculty, staff and fellow students. In only 8 short weeks, these freshmen students have seen the benefits and advantages of being an LLC member- the relationships they can foster and gain, and the additional assistance they have available during their transition to college. We even had additional students wanting to be part of this group after hearing the positive feedback from friends. Word of mouth. It's awesome. 

So despite papers and tests, lectures and group projects, all our LLC groups have been meeting monthly and even participating in charity and/or social events within their LLC organization.

For example, The College of Business and Economics has already started another year of micro-lending with Kiva, "a micro-lending charity that allows you to invest in startup companies in impoverished countries." This annual project allows students to raise money and then lend the money out. This year they are lending out five loans in 3-4 countries. One of their upcoming large fundraising events is approaching on Nov 17th at 9pm- a Magic Show! All are welcome! It's in the Student Center Auditorium, and it's $2/person admission, and additional donations are accepted for the purpose of the micro-lending project. The College of Business and Economics LLC is also planning a picnic social at Mohican on November 8th.

Another example- here is a picture of some of the LLC students from the Health Professions Collaborative (HPC) participating in the annual American Heart Association's HeartChase event on-campus! They formed a team and some even took a picture with one of their LLC advisor's, Laura Kruger! These students in the HPC-LLC have an invested interest in serving in the healthcare industry. Participating in the HeartChase event was a perfect correlation to their future professions.

We are so thrilled to join together and collaborate for the benefit of student success! Teamwork, communication, and empowerment- it's going to be an excellent year! 

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