Wednesday, April 29, 2015

CASA Living Learning Communities in Curricular Activities

Ashland University wants students to thrive after graduation but also be healthy employees. Also as leaders they can encourage healthy behaviors to their patients, community members, colleagues, students, etc. 

As part of a general education requirement, all students take a Lifetime Wellness course which is an examination and application based course focused on optimizing one's wellness based on theory. One of the spring sections of Lifetime Wellness was reserved specifically for the College of Arts and Sciences (CASA) Living Learning Community. However we had one student enroll in the section who was a business major- in the College of Business and Economics Living Learning Community!
Therefore this group of students had a wide range of career fields and aspirations- social work, criminal justice, biology and medical school, business, etc. It was a great mix! 

On this day in class, students were on the indoor track completing a mini workout while having discussions about appropriate warm ups & cool downs, gathering heart rates, showing appropriate stretches before and after workouts, fast & slow twitch muscle fibers, signs of over-training, and the importance of nutrition during physical activity. 

On another day, the students identified how their individual nutrition habits will impact themselves as a professional in their field, and also how nutrition impacts the individuals who they work with or serve. Students gave many examples such as... 
  • Owning a coffee/cafe shop and how long hours of running a business can impact their diet if they typically resort to the pastries available.
  • Traveling international to serve children who do not have access to many resources- many, this may include food. 
  • Running a business and constantly traveling to shows, venues and at times, feel like you are "living out of your car" or just jumping from airport to plane to airport. 
  • Caring for patients in a hospital setting (where nutrition may or may not be a direct issue); and how nurses and physicians have long shifts which can result in grabbing convenient food or going long periods of time without eating.
Even though this group of students has differing interests and passions, the dialogue between peers allowed for respectful and encouraging conversations about their future professional lives. 

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Health Professions Collaborative wins the 1st Annual LLC Cup!

As the final event for the Living Learning Communities collaborative event, we hosted the 1st Annual Competition event where LLC teams compete against each other to win the cup! The Health Professions Collaborative won the LLC cup after a fierce competition!

The event was in the Rec Center, coincidentally on an afternoon where hundreds of other people were there for other events too, but let's just say they were all there to root on our teams! ;) 

Here is our group picture of everyone from both teams! 

And the other team:

We had wheelchair races, scooter races, and many other "field day" events. We also hosted a wild game of dodgeball and races on the climbing wall. Students and advisors all participated and it was The event focused on teamwork, discussions, competition, food, prizes, connecting with each other, the winning LLC cup trophy, and many many laughs. 

But I tell 'ya, competition runs deep to the soul for these folks. They play to win... and that was awesome!

Here are some pictures of!

And dodgeball on the MAC court...

And timed races on the climbing wall...

Even Advisors joined in on the competition!

But we always include food at every event, which was perfect because we were hungry after competing!

What a great event to end the year with these growing student leaders. AND, we already have new freshmen students signed up to participate and engage in next year's LLC groups! We are so excited! As Advisors, we already have dates planned for the first orientation meeting date and activities planned. It will be a lot of fun!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Upcoming All-LLC Competition Event

This week is an important week for our LLC students- registration! Registering for class next semester. Our LLC students are able to register early as being a member. Good luck everyone! 

Also the LLC Advisors from all colleges on campus have been planning a Competition Event as our last event of the semester! Students are excited! All LLC students are invited to attend and anyone can come watch the fun!

1st Annual All LLC Competition Event

Fun games and activities such as dodgeball, the climbing wall, wheelchair races, and more! Everyone who attends will receive an individual prize!

Who: All LLC students 
Where: The Rec Center
Date: Sunday, April 12th
Time: 12pm-2pm

Food will be provided! Winning teams will receive a prize!