Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Let the School Year Begin!

Surely, Ohio brought beautiful weather last weekend when students moved on campus! It was sunny, warm and beautiful. Students were moving in with their friends and families, meeting new roommates again, and taking selfies all over campus. #naturally.

But in regards to the Living Learning Communities, we were also meeting new people- Our new freshmen groups! On Sunday, every college has a Living Learning Community where students form a cohort of students within the same college and these students typically live in the same residence hall/floor and they take some classes together. They build relationships, form study groups, and depend on each other. 

This year's group is another FABULOUS group of students. During the one hour we met, we shared information about ourselves, made connections, participated in some ice breakers, and planned meetings and social gatherings for the academic year. For example, here is the College of Nursing and Health Sciences Living Learning Community called, "The Health Professions Collaborative", because it includes majors of nursing, exercise science, dietetics, and athletic training.  

Before leaving we had to take a group picture!

We have a fun year planned. Our next meeting is Monday where we have many upperclassmen guest speakers. We always have so much fun! 

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