Thursday, March 19, 2015

Cultural Awareness for the Health Professions

Last night our Health Professions Collaborative (HLC) Living Learning Community had guest speakers present at our March meeting. Our guest speakers were Rebecca Parillo, the Director of Global Education, and Jonathan Locust, the Director of Institutional Diversity.

To say we all had a good time would be an understatement. We all had a great time! So fun! Rebecca and Jonathan provided an educational presentation which was fun and humorous while creating cultural awareness for students in their professional experiences.

The one hour program addressed how cultural differences and diversity is part of every health profession, and students worked together in groups to identify how they would respond in particular case scenarios related to nursing and health science professions. They did a great job! Groups worked together as teams, engaged in critical thinking, and utilized resources to help them with problem solving.

Overall it was a great time get together. Food, laughing, learning, and giveaways... and historically, most of our LLC gatherings include all these factors. In the picture below, Emily Wood and Brittney Miller won big prizes (AU polos!) from our last event- the tailgate for the Women's Basketball Game.

Our April events will wrap up the semester and include a Pizza Party on April 15 at the Mansfield Campus, College of Nursing. Also we will be having a FUN gathering with ALL campus LLC's with games, activities, rock climbing, etc. 

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