Friday, February 20, 2015

Co-Curricular Events

Every semester all the Living Learning Communities from every college get together for fun events outside of the classroom! This week we attended the Women's Basketball Game but we met beforehand for snacks & water, and giveaways!

This picture includes the LLC students from all colleges who were able to make the game, along with the Advisors from different colleges. 

The Living Learning Community presents a unique opportunity for students to connect with other like-minded students in the classroom and out of the classroom- like these co-curricular events! This recent co-curricular event to the Women's Basketball Game was a fun outing just like in the fall semester!

Below is a picture of LLC students from the Health Professions Collaborative participating in the October HeartChase event in order to raise money and awareness for heart health. 

The three students on the right are in the LLC, and they brought their friend, the student on the left, for fun!

The HeartChase event consisted of running all around campus and the community completing challenges and obstacles with your team. It was so fun!

For more information about each college's Living Learning Community, click on the links below:

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