Thursday, December 10, 2015

COBE Connection LLC Raises Money for Loan Project

Freshmen business students are able to learn inside and outside the classroom with the interactions of invested faculty members. But the LLC students in the COBE Connection also get the one-on-one attention and outside-of-the-classroom experience with LLC Advisor, Terry Rumker. These students are not only learning information directly related to their future in the business profession, but they are building and fostering relationships with other first year business students.

Mohican State Park

For example, students spent part of a day at Mohican State Park

Magic Show

One of the other many fabulous things the COBE Connection LLC does during the year is work with KIVA in regards to providing loans.

Back in October, the COBE Connection students started advertising their Magic Show event. The students hosted a Magic Show in order to raise money for their KIVA Loan Project. Mike the Magician did a great job at the event. The event raised $250, combined with a dollar match from the AU Entrepreneurship Center, which brings the total dollars raised to $500. The COBE Connection LLC will now have $700 to cycle for loans, and at $25-50 per loan they can help a lot more people. 

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